Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Pride?

I don't understand how some people refuse to show pride in who they are!

When I came out of the closet at 26 I felt so proud to declare who I was and what other people had to say did not bother me.

Mind you, I did go back in the closet but not out of shame, I did it because of a broken heart, I swore I would never date a woman again.

I just came back out this past year and again I feel no need to hide who I am.

I am proud to be able to hold a woman's hand or give her a kiss or hug in public.

Why should anyone be ashamed to show love?

It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like or what differences you have, all people should have the right to show their love in public!

I have a friend who refuses to have anything to do with pride.

She is openly gay but she does not mention it around her father because she feels it is showing him respect. What about her respect?

Her brother told her that he didn't care if she was gay but made her promise to never march in a parade. Why not?

Sure, some people feel uneasy about homosexuality but is it our job to make sure they feel comfortable? I think it's their job to face their fears and get used to us because people have been gay since the beginning of time and we will be here until the end of time.

I feel it has nothing to do with respect, it has to do with fear and ignorance.

When I have a girlfriend, I proudly introduce them to everyone in my life as my mate.

I had an argument with someone in my family, my neice asked me if my girlfriend was my best friend and I told her that she was my girlfriend, the same as her mommy and daddy and the person in my family felt it was wrong of me to say that.

I think the earlier that children know that people of the same sex do love each other, the sooner we can erase the hate.

I tell everyone that my son is gay too!

I am amazingly proud of him and his courage, why wouldn't I tell anyone?

Yes, I fear for him, from homophobics but it will never make me hinder his openness about who he is.

If I get beaten up for who I am then I only hope it serves to create more awareness.

Look at the two ladies who were beaten by a man outside a school, in front of their children.

It is horrible that these two women were beaten but it did raise awareness and compell people to stand up in outrage over what happened.

My wish is that someday, we all live harmoniously on Earth, whether we are gay, yellow, one-legged, too small, too tall, no matter what our differences are.


  1. I agree with you 100%, Lori.
    We shouldn't have to hide who we are, especially if heterosexuals don't have to hide who they are.
    We should all be able to stand up and say, "This is who I am. And I love who I am" without fear of getting beat for it.

  2. I just read that in the US, the Supreme Court upheld the "right" of a young boy to wear a T-shirt with anti-gay, anti-Muslim, anti-abortion slogans, not based on freedom of speech (it would have been classified as hate speech), but based on freedom of religion. I.e. if you're in America, you can say all the hateful things you want, as long as you claim it's part of your "religion" to do so. AAAARGH!

  3. Hi Lora hun - great blog _ nice to see you writing again- I find its good therapy for myself when I write - gets me grounded and I know you were happy bloggin in past. You always have lived your life for you and your son since Ive known you and I have never known you to be anyone but yourself. Tolerance , peace and love acceptance- the world needs more of it - I think that people should be able to be free to express who they are - no matter race , education, religion etc and sexual oritentation is included there for me _ I have alot of friends in the gay community and the world is so much more wonderful with them in it. Some people are gay they are born that way and the bigots need to get over it and accept them in my opinion. Kudos for offering this venue and voice for gay parents and kids - you always were a go getter ;) hugs J.( still tryin to figure out how to get this to post for me where IM not a blogspot member lol bear with me