Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"You look old in that shirt!"
"You're a dork!"
"I noticed!"
"Must have been real tired when you wrote that!"
"What do you want from me!"
"What is your issue?"
"What are you on about now?"
"Your hair looks funny!"

Why do I feel unbeautiful?
Why did I feel unbeautiful?
It is hard to love yourself when the person you love cannot love anything other than the scar on your lip and the curve in your back.
When someone says they said they loved because they thought they were in love but doesn't know what love is.
The lies, the excuses and the words...
They cut deeper than any knife could.
I couldn't feel more pain if I stabbed myself.
You think you are a nice person?
Money and a car do not make you a good person.
Honesty and loyalty do.
As many times as I have been hurt in my lifetime, the beatings, the cheating, the violence...
It all seems trivial to the pain you have caused.
Good people do not do these things to people they care about.

Thank goodness, my beauty blossoms.
Even though I am bitter and trust will take time.
I have been given a gift.
The gift that someone does think I am beautiful.
That I am worth waiting for.
That no matter how badly I hurt now, they are willing to take away my pain.
Restore my faith.
Love me for who I am.
Walk beside me.

For all the damage you have done, you have not broken me.
The people that believe in me most, will stand behind and offer the arms of support.
You must feel a lot of pain for not having anything to believe in.
No values to rely on to guide you.
No semblance as to what love is and what love can do for you.
To not love yourself for who you could be.
For that, I pity you.

I will only be stronger, love better and become more beautiful!
You only have regret to look forward to.

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